Zia Short Action


Manufacturer: Caverns Armory
Model: Zia
Type: Bolt Action Firearm
BBL: Match Grade Stainless Steel Sendero Profile
Magazine Type: AICS Pattern
Weight:  Varies with Selections

Available on backorder

Some options may not be available for left handed configurations. We will contact you if there is a conflict in your selection.

1/2×28 threads are only available on 22 caliber and smaller

Carbon Fiber Stocks from AG Composites. Stocks are custom made to order.

Alpine Hunter +$29.00 Adjustable Hunter +$149.00 Carbon K2 +$29.00 Sportsman (Right Hand Only) $0.00 Carbon All Terrain $0.00 Chalk Branch +$29.00 Adjustable Chalk Branch +$149.00 Visigoth +$29.00 Armor +$29.00 Adjustable Armor +$149.00 Privateer $0.00

Finishes are hand applied and each stock is unique.

Charcoal Grey $0.00 Black Sky $0.00 Tungsten Black Web +$50.00 Brown Widow Web +$50.00 Granite Web +$50.00 White Rock Web +$50.00 Black Bronze Web +$50.00 Sawtooth Web +$50.00 Green Widow Web +$50.00 Sagebrush +$50.00 Desert Night +$50.00 Midnight Forest +$50.00 Urban +$50.00 Sandstorm +$50.00 Blue Camo +$50.00 Orange Camo +$50.00 Red Camo +$50.00 Yellow Camo +$50.00 Carbon Black & Tan Camo +$50.00 Carbon Steel Camo +$50.00 Carbon Red Camo +$50.00 Carbon Mossy Rock Camo +$50.00 Carbon Black Camo +$50.00 Carbon Blue Camo +$50.00 Carbon Desert Night Camo +$50.00 Carbon Orange Camo +$50.00 Carbon Sagebrush Camo +$50.00 Carbon Urban Camo +$50.00 Carbon Bronze Camo +$50.00 Arctic Rogue (Black, White, Gray) +$50.00 Badland Rogue (Black, Light Tan, Gray) +$50.00 Bengal Rogue (Black, Orange, Gray +$50.00 Canyon Rogue (Brown, Tan, Light Tan) +$50.00 Erosion Rogue (Brown, Tan, Green) +$50.00 Glacier Rogue (Black, Blue, Gray) +$50.00 Hazard Rogue (Black, Yellow, Gray) +$50.00 Killshot Rogue (Black, Red, Gray) +$50.00 Mud Shot Rogue (Green, Gray, Brown) +$50.00 Kodiak Rogue (Black, Brown, Tan) +$50.00 Purple Haze Rogue (Black, Purple, Gray) +$50.00 Rattlesnake Rogue (Dark Brown, Brown, Light Tan) +$50.00 Swamper Rogue (Black, Green, Gray) +$50.00 Winter Pine Rogue (White, Brown, Green) +$50.00 Wintergreen Rogue (Green, Black, Grayish White) +$50.00 Zombie Rogue (Black, Neon Green, Gray) +$50.00

Carbon All Terrain and Visigoth models are unable to be made in lengths under 13.5”.

Triggers by Triggertech

Flush Mount magazines will only function with Hunter DBM Bottom Metal.
Some calibers may fit less than the 5/10 round advertised based on case limitations.

Mounting of customer supplied scope and sighting in with customer supplied ammunition.

Standard finish is a DLC coated action and bolt with bead blasted stainless on the steel portions of the barrel.

These rifles are custom built to order. As such, these rifles will have lead times of at least 26 weeks. The parts in your selection are unique to your build. All orders are final once put into production.