CA-308 Wapiti HB-3 6mm Creedmoor


Manufacturer: Caverns Armory
Model: CA-308
Type: Semi-Automatic Direct Gas Impingement Operated AR Style Firearm
BBL: BSF Carbon Fiber 22” 6mm Creedmoor
Magazine Type: Standard MILSPEC AR-10 Magazine
Weight:  TBD

Available on backorder

When selecting your muzzle device, X-Caliber and BSF components will only be installed on their respective barrels.

PRS Lite color option limited to black only.

Duracoat finish applied to upper, lower and handguard only.

Left eject upper, ambidextrous magazine catch.

This rifle is guaranteed sub MOA with match grade ammunition.
3 shot grouping includes a three shot grouping sent to you when your rifle is range tested.

If you would like, we can mount and sight your scope for you. This process will also allow us to tune your rifle to your exact load at an elevation of approximately 3500 feet. If you select this option, you will be required to supply the scope, mount and 20 rounds of the factory ammunition you intend to use.
In a perfect process, we will shoot 12-15 rounds through the rifle in the function test and sight in process. Unused ammo will not be returned. We will not sight in with reloaded ammunition.
If you intend to use a suppressor, we will tune your rifle with the use of a SilencerCo Omega 300 or Hybrid 46.

I understand this is a custom built item with many suppliers of various components. Lead times are expected and understood.